Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia


OSCE Mission to Serbia

To help Serbia build strong, independent, accountable and effective democratic institutions, the Mission works with government institutions, civil society and the media in the areas of rule of law and human rights; law enforcement; democratization; and media development. It also works with other Missions in the region on joint projects and initiatives.

Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia


Internal affairs are the activities stipulated by law that are performed by competent state authorities in order to provide the security of the Republic and its citizens and ensure the exercise of citizens’ rights as laid down in the Constitution and law.

State administration’s internal affairs are performed by the Ministry of the Interior.

Internal affairs are performed in a manner that ensures equal protection and exercise of freedoms and rights set out in the Constitution for every person and citizen.

In the performance of internal affairs only such measures of coercion may be used as are envisaged by the law, which help to accomplish tasks with as few harmful consequences as possible for citizens and their associations, companies, institutions and other organisations.

The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia performs state administration’s affairs related to:

  • protection of the security of the Republic of Serbia and detection and prevention of the activities aimed at undermining or overthrowing the constitutional order;
  • protection of life, safety and property of citizens;
  • prevention and detection of criminal offences; finding and apprehending perpetrators of criminal offences and bringing them to competent authorities;
  • maintenance of public peace and order;
  • securing public gatherings and other assemblies of citizens;
  • protection of certain persons and facilities;
  • road traffic safety;
  • border crossing checks;
  • control of movement and stay in the border area;
  • control of movement and stay of foreigners;
  • provision, possession and carrying of weapons and ammunition;
  • production of and trade in explosive materials, flammable liquids and gases;
  • fire protection;
  • citizenship matters;
  • personal identification number; 
  • travel documents;
  • permanent and temporary residence;
  • staff training, and other tasks envisaged by the law.